The Aftermath of Brexit

We have yet to see official economic data for the weeks following the referendum on 23 June, however Q2 data showed robust consumer spending and industrial output numbers and economic forecasters have become more optimistic regarding the UK’s outlook. In addition, the new Chancellor, Philip Hammond, has dismissed the need for an ‘emergency budget’ which […]

Our Investment Commentary for Q2 2016 (1 April – 30 June)

Global markets experienced substantial volatility in Q2 as they continue to grapple with a number of economic and political issues. Although the main focus for UK investors has been on the domestic economy and the EU, it is important not to forget global economic issues such as China’s slowdown, the prospect of further US interest […]

Seabrook Clark’s EU Referendum Statement

The U.K. Votes to Leave the EU The U.K. has voted 52/48 to leave the EU. The result is unexpected as only yesterday financial markets put a 90% probability on a Remain vote. As a consequence of the vote, sterling has fallen overnight to a 30 year low against the dollar and equity markets are […]

The economic case for leaving the EU

There have been many attempts to bamboozle the British population with spurious economic arguments claiming we would be worse off if we were to leave the EU. Unsurprisingly Osborne’s 200-page report highlighted a negative view on ‘Brexit’, however, he conveniently uses methods of economic modelling to suit his argument and fails to use appropriate global […]

Our Investment Commentary for Q1 2016 (1 January – 31 March)

Global equities experienced a sharp sell-off at the start of 2016, reflected by the FTSE World index which fell 12% in January. Due to weak sterling, however, returns for UK investors on the global index were virtually unchanged in Q1. The rebound in February and March was driven by less pessimism over China, rallying energy […]

2016 Budget Highlights

Income Tax Personal Allowance to increase to £11,500 in 2017/18 Higher rate tax band to increase to £45,000 from 2017/18 Class 2 NICs for self-employed abolished from April 2018 Termination of payments of more than £30,000 will be subject to employer NICs A new Property Allowance and Trading Allowance will exempt the first £1,000 of […]

Our Investment Commentary for Q4 2015 (1 October – 31 December)

Markets experienced considerable volatility in 2015, which saw significant weakening of commodity prices driven by a slowing Chinese economy and, consequently, concerns over global growth. As a result, it was a more challenging year for investors. In the few years prior to 2015, since the recession, positive returns could have been made from owning virtually […]

Pensions and Tax Relief – Will it be Cut in March 2016?

2015 Pensions Freedom – Flexible Access to Pensions Over the last few years, pensions have been subject to significant reform as politicians have grappled with the challenges of an ageing population and reinvigorating a long-term savings culture. This year in particular has heralded a pension revolution as new rules came into force on 6 April […]

Investment Trusts

What kind of trends have you seen in the investment trust market presently? In 2015, the majority of investment trust IPOs have been strategies which invest in illiquid assets. One example is Woodford’s Patient Capital Trust, launched in April, which invests in early-stage and early-growth companies. At Seabrook Clark, we often look at using investment […]

SIFA News and Views

Matthew recently featured in SIFA’s News and Views having written an article for Citywire’s Income Plus magazine.