28th March 2014

Tax planning for the year end

The end of the tax year offers a natural opportunity for individuals to take stock of their financial position and make plans for the coming years.

28th March 2014

Income tax planning

One way to improve tax efficiency is through careful planning and use of allowances.

28th March 2014

CGT planning & tax efficient investments

The tax year end offers a good chance to review investments and conduct a spring clean of any portfolios with careful consideration placed upon the following points.

28th March 2014

Pension contributions

As with investments, it is important to review your pension contributions before the end of each tax year to ensure you make the most of your allowance.

24th March 2014

2014 Budget offers little support to charities

Strong economic growth in 2013 represented perhaps the first genuine signs of a worldwide recovery since the major set-backs in 2008.

24th March 2014

Marketing – Thinking outside of the box

In the past, it has been very expensive to produce marketing materials to promote a charity’s activities to the wider public.

24th March 2014

What does the future hold for charity shops?

In an age of government cuts, charities have been increasingly dependent on alternative sources of funding, one of these being charity shops.

19th March 2014

Budget 2014 for ‘Makers, Do-ers and Savers’

Today, the Chancellor, George Osborne delivered an upbeat and more political Budget as he promised to nuture a ‘resilient economy’, upgrading his growth forecasts of GDP from 2.4% to 2.7% this year and from 2.2% to 2.3% next year. He also highlighted the decline in unemployment and a target to eliminate the budget deficit by 2019. However, he cautioned that ‘the job is far from done’, as the UK is half-way through an austerity programme of tax rises and spending cuts stretching to 2018.

5th March 2014

Markets Recover Their Poise in February 2014

Following a sharp equity sell off towards the end of January, February saw a welcome return to growth in the markets. Global economic data for the first two months of 2014 has been largely positive and in line with expectations.

11th February 2014

Markets Buffeted in January 2014

Following a market rally throughout December, there was widespread optimism regarding market sentiment for 2014. The majority of broker reports seemed to indicate the FTSE100 would break through 7000 points for the first time and some even suggested 7500 may be possible by this time next year.

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