8th August 2013

Sensible Tax Planning to Reduce Your Tax Bill

The quiet Summer months are a good time to collate the information required for an annual tax return to avoid a last minute rush in January. Whilst the recent news that the private sector is growing at its fastest rate since 1998 is very welcome, government finances will remain stretched for years to come. As well as the programme of austerity with cuts in welfare spending, the government has given HMRC an additional £1b so it has the teeth to pursue tax evaders more effectively.

25th July 2013

Financial Security in Retirement

I was struck by the clear message that catering for an ageing population will be one of the defining economic and political challenges of the next 50 years in the recently published report by the Office for Budget Responsibility. The number of people aged over 65 is projected to rise by nearly 50% in the next 20 years and centenarians have quadrupled since 1981 according to official figures.

11th July 2013

Marriage Can Make You Better Off

This week the ‘feel-good’ factor is everywhere. We have cheered sporting success, with Murray achieving an amazing victory at Wimbledon, the British Lions triumphant in Australia, and Chris Froome leading the Tour de France. Business confidence in the UK has reached a 13-month high as companies report higher levels of business and increased job creation, supporting the view that the economy is finally on a gradual road to recovery.

3rd July 2013

Our Investment Commentary for Q2 2013 (1 April to 30 June 2013)

A Quarter of Two Halves

The last three months can broadly be divided into two parts, a strong market rally in April and May, followed by a sharp sell-off in June. Despite high levels of volatility, markets enjoyed a strong start to the second quarter.

27th June 2013

Prepare for a Bumpy Ride

As a keen driver I was unsurprised this week by the news that Devon and Cornwall face a bill of approaching £1b to fix the potholes in our roads. All too frequently I find myself having to steer around deep potholes on our rutted roads. The last few weeks have certainly given investors a reality call and served as a useful reminder that markets are not a one-way street with falls of over 10% in stock markets.

20th June 2013

House Prices Continue to Surprise

Despite the best efforts of the government to rebalance the economy over the last few years most of us continue to measure our wealth in terms of house prices. Many commentators had predicted a sharp fall in prices, but in fact the ‘average’ UK house now costs £233,061, the latest rise taking prices above the February 2008 peak, according to the recent LSL Acadametrics survey.

17th June 2013

Women’s Networking Sessions are Launched

Wealth management firm, Seabrook Clark, is planning to hold regular women's networking events after the success of its first 'Lunch and Learn' session. Read the full article at Western Morning News. 

13th June 2013

Financial Planning with a Purpose

This weekend will see the crowning of Miss England and Mr England at the Riviera International conference centre in Torquay. Devon beauty, Charlotte Holmes is the reigning Miss England and she will hand over the crown to her successor on Saturday. The organisers of the event are keen to point out the strong focus on raising funds for charity under the Miss World’s ‘Beauty with a Purpose' banner.

6th June 2013

Business Confidence Ticks Up

After seemingly weeks of dull weather, the warm sunshine of the last week in Devon and Cornwall reminds us that Summer is on its way. Unlike many commentators I view this week’s new lending figures from the Bank of England with guarded optimism. The good news is that money is starting to flow more freely, with an increase in lending to individuals and an improving trend in corporate lending, particularly by Barclays and Nationwide, which have together lent an additional £11b over the last year.

6th June 2013

Women Professionals ‘Lunch and Learn’

6 June 2013: A Professional Women’s 'Lunch and Learn' event is to turn into a regular occurrence after it was given a big thumbs-up from its delegates.   The lunch event was held at Seabrook Clark Wealth Management's office in Exeter.

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