Investment Commentary

9th October 2015

Our Investment Commentary for Q3 2015 (1 July – 30 September)

Global markets were extremely volatile this quarter as concerns over China’s slowing economy became more pronounced. The impact was particularly strong on emerging and Asian economies. […]
3rd July 2015

Our Investment Commentary for Q2 2015 (1 April – 30 June)

Q2 saw global equities fall by over 5% in sterling terms. Concerns surrounding Greece’s debt repayments and the future of the Eurozone weighed on world markets, particularly towards the end of the quarter.

2nd April 2015

Our Investment Commentary for Q1 2015 (1 January – 31 March)

It has been a very good quarter for investors, despite the downside risks. Global equities were given a huge boost in January as the ECB announced its significant quantitative easing (QE) program which began in March. This helped the FTSE World Index gain over 5% in Q1.

7th January 2015

Our Investment Commentary for Q4 2014 (1 October – 31 December)

World markets experienced a very volatile quarter which included a sharp sell-off in equities at the beginning of October. However, sentiment quickly returned, reflected by a gain of 4.13% for the FTSE World Index in Q4.

8th October 2014

Our Investment Commentary for Q3 2014 (1 July – 30 September)

Given that the third quarter of the year was a period plagued with geopolitical tension, the FTSE World index delivered a surprising gain of 2.7%.

4th July 2014

Our Investment Commentary for Q2 2014 (1 April – 30 June)

Following a volatile first quarter of 2014, Q2 has offered a much more positive outlook, with the FTSE100 gaining 2.36% as opposed to contracting by 1.26% in the period January to March.

10th April 2014

Our Investment Commentary for Q1 2014 (1 January – 31 March)

Following strong market returns in 2013, there was widespread optimism regarding market sentiment for 2014.

14th January 2014

Our Investment Commentary for Q4 2013 (1 October – 31 December 2013)

The fourth quarter rounded 2013 off on a high, with many global equity markets posting impressive double-digit gains for the full year.

4th October 2013

Investment Outlook for Q4 2013 (1 October to 31 December 2013)

Looking ahead to the final quarter of the year, we expect to see continued progress in the markets, building on the consolidation of the last three months. As investor confidence returns, we should see demand increase for high quality UK stocks and selected funds, particularly those paying above average dividends by strong profitable companies.

4th October 2013

Our Investment Commentary for Q3 2013 (1 July – 30 September 2013)

The third quarter began with a strong start to July followed by a period of relative calm in which the FTSE-100 index of leading UK companies hovered around the 6,500 point mark. So, are we finally starting to see some welcome stability return to the markets?

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