Investment Services

At Seabrook Clark, we give independent award winning investment advice on the following bases:

Discretionary Fund Management (DFM)

We manage six risk-graded model portfolios to target a range of different client objectives. Discretionary management means that once we have agreed a client’s investment objectives, we take care of investment decisions and portfolio monitoring on a client’s behalf.

Advisory Investment Service (AIS)

For clients with specific requirements we offer a bespoke advisory service. Advice on an advisory basis means that we make investment recommendations for a client’s consideration and approval before implementation.

Strategic Asset Allocation

We believe that asset allocation is the primary driver of investment returns. Accordingly, we look to combine bonds, equities and alternatives comprised of UK authorised funds in each of our portfolios to maximise returns for given levels of risk.

Our portfolios have the following strategic asset allocation:

Portfolio Cash/Bonds % Equities % Alternatives (e.g. Property/ Infrastructure) %
Cautious 50-85 10-40 5-20
Income 25-65 25-65 5-20
Ethical ESG 25-65 25-65 5-20
Balanced 25-65 25-65 5-20
Growth 5-25 60-90 5-20
World Growth 0 90-100 0-10

Tactical Positioning

We overlay our strategic asset allocation with a tactical view on markets, tilting our weightings of each asset class to respond accordingly to market dynamics, typically with a twelve month investment horizon.

With regard to fund selection, we undertake comprehensive research and due diligence in-house, covering all aspects such as risk, performance and costs. We favour actively managed funds to maximise performance, but where appropriate may also include index funds.

Current Positioning

For more details of our views of markets and an explanation of our tactical positioning, please see our Quarterly Investment Commentary.

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