Our Fees

We act in the best interests of our clients at all times, as reflected by our Ethical Policy. Accordingly, we are committed to providing a transparent fee structure, with no unexpected hidden charges and we do not receive commission from product providers in respect of any investment or pension.

We provide you with an initial meeting free of charge at which we will describe our services more fully and explain our fees. If you decide to go ahead, once we have agreed our fees in advance with you, we will:

  • Gather and analyse personal and financial information about you and your aims and objectives;
  • Recommend and discuss any action we think you should take and, with your agreement, arrange relevant solutions for you. All
  • recommendations are documented in writing.

Our standard fees are as set out in the tables below:

Discretionary Fund Management (DFM)
(Subject to VAT)
Advisory Investment Service (AIS)
(Nil VAT)
Annual fees 0.75% on portfolios of £500,000+, otherwise 1% 1% (discounted to 0.5% pa where Seabrook Clark does not manage the investments)
Dealing/Switch fees Nil 0.25% per trade (this fee does not apply where Seabrook Clark does not manage the investments)


DFM or AIS Advice Fee (Nil VAT)
Initial One-off Fees: DFM Advice
Covering: ISA/GIA/SIPP/SSAS/Offshore Bonds
Initial One-off Fees: AIS Advice
Covering: Personal and Stakeholder Pensions /Annuities/ Structured Products/Onshore Bonds
3% on first £50,000 invested in a portfolio, thereafter any additional monies will be charged at 1%
E.g. (1) £50,000 investment would incur a £1,500 one-off initial fee.
E.g. (2) £60,000 investment would incur a £1,500 fee on the first £50,000 plus £100 fee on the next £10,000 resulting in a total one-off initial fee of £1,600
For portfolios £200,000+, 1% fee on all monies invested
E.g. a portfolio valued at £200,000 would incur an initial one-off fee of £2,000


DFM or AIS Advice Fee (Nil VAT)
Defined Benefit (Final Salary) Pension 2% one-off initial fee (min £1,500 capped at £10,000). This fee is irrespective of whether our advice is to retain or transfer your pension.
E.g. a pension valued at £100,000 would incur a one-off initial fee of £2,000
If the pension is transferred, an Annual Fee would apply in addition to the Initial Fee for either DFM or AIS advice (see Table 1 above).


AIS Advice Fee (Nil VAT)
Specialist Investment for Tax Planning fees (EIS, VCT, BPR for IHT mitigation). 2% one-off fee plus 0.5% pa ongoing fee OR 3% initial fee if the provider is unable to facilitate an ongoing fee
E.g. a portfolio valued at £100,000 would incur an initial fee of £2,000 plus a £500 pa ongoing fee OR £3,000 initial fee
Financial planning using a third-party Discretionary Fund Manager 1% initial, plus 0.5% annual fee
E.g. a portfolio valued at £100,000 would incur an initial fee of £1,000 plus a £500 pa ongoing fee


Pure Protection Insurance and Mortgages Fee (Nil VAT)
Life Assurance/Critical Illness/Income Protection
Residential Mortgages/Buy-to-Let Mortgages /Lifetime Mortgages (Equity Release)
Commission (non-indemnity) and/or fixed price/time-based fee as agreed in advance with you

Where advice is not in respect of one of the financial products in the above tables, we may agree to work on your behalf on either a fixed fee or time-cost consultancy basis. Such consultancy fees will be set out in a proposal letter for you to approve in advance. Where we agree a time-cost basis, we will provide an estimate of the time required to complete the work.

Consultancy fees will be invoiced on completion of the work. The hourly rates are as follows:

  • Financial Planner £200 (ex VAT) per hour
  • Analysis and Research £150 (ex VAT) per hour
  • Client Services £75 (ex VAT) per hour

For example, a typical ad-hoc advice case in respect of financial planning on divorce can cost around £2,000 (ex VAT) on a time-cost basis.

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