2014 Budget offers little support to charities

Strong economic growth in 2013 represented perhaps the first genuine signs of a worldwide recovery since the major set-backs in 2008.

You could be forgiven for thinking that this strong performance may result in a pick-up in government grants for charities. However, despite this ongoing recovery and positive signs so far in 2014, the government remains tight fisted on the availability of grants to charities, a theme that is likely to continue for the coming years.

This lack of funding available means trustees must look to alternative means of furthering their charities activities. Some of these measures have been discussed previously such as the use of dynamic marketing to reach a wider pool of potential donors or the use of charity shops or online sales to generate extra income. For charities fortunate enough to hold cash reserves or investments, it is more important than ever to make prudent and responsible choices.

All of these current issues affecting charities will be addressed at our free to attend seminar on 24th April to which we look forward to welcoming a range of interesting speakers.

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