Budget 2015: Tax and Personal Allowance changes

The personal allowance and higher rate threshold for 2015/16 will remain at £10,600 and £42,385 respectively, as announced in December 2014.

But there are promised increases to both in the next two tax years.


  • Personal Allowance increases to £10,800
  • Higher rate threshold increases to £42,700

Basic rate taxpayers will be better off by £40. Higher rate taxpayers will be £103 better off.


  • Personal Allowance increases £11,000
  • Higher rate threshold increases to £43,300

Basic rate taxpayers will be better off by a further £40. Higher rate taxpayers will be a further £160 better off.

Personal Savings Allowance

As announced last year, from April, the savings rate of income tax will drop to zero (from 10%) and the savings rate band will increase to £5,000 (from £2,880). This is a boost to those with low earnings but with a higher level of savings income, as savings income can be received tax free.

But those with higher levels of earned income above £15,600 will not benefit from the savings rate band.

However, from April 2016 a proposed new ‘Personal Savings Allowance’ will benefit both basic rate and higher rate taxpayers, irrespective of their level of earned income.

The allowance will be:

  • Basic rate taxpayers: £1,000. So those with total income below £16,800 will not have to pay tax on any of their savings. And those with higher incomes, but less than £42,700 will still benefit from £1,000 of tax free savings.
  • Higher rate taxpayers: £500. Those with total income above £42,700 will be limited to a tax free allowance of £500. 
  • Additional rate taxpayers will not benefit from the new allowance.

And in another positive note, savers will see interest paid gross, with no deduction of 20% tax at source by their bank or building society from April 2016. 

Entrepreneurs Relief for CGT

Entrepreneurs Relief has been tightened up in respect of assets owned personally but used within a company. Of more concern could be other proposed changes that might limit the availability in certain circumstances, but the details of this remain to be seen.

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