New Discretionary Investment Management Service

We are delighted to announce that the FCA has approved a variation of our regulatory permissions, so from today we are able to offer clients a discretionary investment management service in addition to investment advice on an advisory basis.

The new discretionary investment management service has the benefit that clients are able to instruct us to manage an investment portfolio on their behalf, without us needing to make contact each time we decide that it is advantageous to adjust the holdings in the portfolio. This will enable us to respond more quickly to market events, whilst clients have the peace of mind knowing that their portfolio is in safe hands and managed professionally.

The new service will also suit many trustees, including charities, where it is impractical for disparate parties to be consulted on every transaction undertaken in an investment portfolio.

For more details of our discretionary investment management service, please do not hesitate to get in touch 01392 875500 or

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