New Model Adviser Award – Top 100 Firm 2017

We are delighted that for a second consecutive year we have been named as one of the top 100 UK financial advice firms by the respected Citywire company, New Model Adviser.

The criteria for the award, which seeks to identify sustainable businesses, are approved by actuaries AKG. The criteria include quantitative factors such as the proportion of re-investment into the business and profitability, as well as an increasing emphasis on qualitative factors, such as qualifications, commitment to the profession, and development of best practice.

On behalf of my team, I am delighted that our efforts for the benefit of our clients have been recognised by a respected industry body. I am looking forward to improving our client proposition and service further in 2018, particularly in respect of leveraging technology and embedding a client portal at the heart of the business. In addition, our investment process continues to develop as we make intelligent use of smart beta solutions and improved risk management techniques with a view to growing and preserving client portfolios in dynamic market conditions.

Matthew Clark

Matthew Clark, Managing Director with the New Model Adviser 2017 Top 100 Firm Award

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