Pensions – Why it’s important to lay your nest egg


It is not known why the common concept of organisation and financial forward-planning is generally referred to via idioms pertaining to poultry. You have ‘getting your ducks in a row’ and that most well-known act of ‘building a nest egg.’ However, what we do know is that both aptly align to that all-important thinking when it comes to planning your retirement and building your pension. 

Chicken by Pexels from Pixabay

The maximum state pension as it stands is £168.60 per week, which roughly translates as just under £9k per annum. Undoubtedly for most, this is not the final figure that people hope for when it comes to retirement; therefore it is fundamental to start saving for your retirement pot at the earliest opportunity, including being able to understand the best way to maintain that pot and how you can use it. 

One of the biggest issues that we have found facing our clients is how best to achieve financial security in their retirement, as well as effective planning to provide for dependants and pass on wealth to successors. This applies to young and old, which is why it is important that advice is tailored to a client’s objectives – do they need help with building their pension pot to preserve capital over time? Or do they need advice on drawing benefits from their pensions in the most tax-efficient way? 

At Seabrook Clark we have two options when it comes to advice for our clients. For those who wish to sit back and watch us work our magic over their portfolios, we are proud of our Discretionary Fund Management Service. For those who prefer to play more of an active part in their investment opportunities, our Advisory Investment Service suits perfectly.  

Our advice covers all areas, including transfers and consolidation, drawdown and annuities, to even setting up a new pension and building that fund. You can see the whole range here. 

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