Seabrook Clark takes a visit to FORCE


This week, Seabrook Clark visited the base of operations for one of our chosen sponsored charities for this year, FORCE Cancer Charity, in order to see them in action and the amazing work they do day-to-day.

FORCE was founded in 1987 and initially operated out of a small room in the Royal Devon & Exeter (RD&E) hospital providing support and treatment to those who have been directly impacted by cancer, be them patients, family or friends. In 2004 they moved to their own base in the RD&E and, following the growth of the cause, managed to extend their facility and the scale of their services in 2012.

The centre is nestled in the grounds of the RD&E and provides a warm and kind welcome as you walk in.

A comfy lounge surrounded by wide open windows that look on to a carefully volunteer-tended garden is like its own Eden – you already feel at ease when you enter. Anyone that walks through the door is greeted with a smile and the offer of a cup of tea.

Here they provide all levels of support: from chemotherapy treatments, counselling, benefits and financial advice, support for children and young people affected, to bereavement and making steps to move on. The centre itself receives more than 800 phone calls per month, so it is a full-time two-person job to support that service alone; more recently, FORCE have also been able to extend their reach and now provide treatment via a remote service to the market towns of Okehampton, Tiverton and Honiton.

Providing all these valued services is no small feat, but FORCE has around 100 willing volunteers to help. Their income comes from a multitude of places, be it donations, legacies, contributions in memoriam, fundraising events and their award-winning charity shop in Heavitree, Exeter.

Everyone is welcome in the centre and it is crystal clear if you stop by for a cup of tea, tour or just a chat, exactly how FORCE maximises their donations and their volunteers to help anyone that walks through the doors needing support.

At Seabrook Clark we are proud to help through ongoing participation in fundraising events and our own incentives throughout the year.

To learn more, you can visit their website, or donate here.


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