What does the future hold for charity shops?

In an age of government cuts, charities have been increasingly dependent on alternative sources of funding, one of these being charity shops.

Whilst the majority of charities may not be able to afford the high rents, such shops can not only provide an important income stream, but also serve a double purpose as a form of marketing, by establishing a visible presence in our villages, towns and cities.

Cuts in government funding has not been all bad news and some charity shops have benefited as people feeling the pinch seek to find good deals on the high street and turn to charity shops as one alternative.
Having an online presence is also something that should not be over-looked. Whilst online shopping does not offer the same visual presence as a high street charity shop might, charities do not have to worry about the rental costs and can sell online to increase margins. For smaller charities without complex websites, selling donated items via second hand marketplaces such as ebay or amazon could also help boost funds. Another benefit of selling items online is that potential customers can be directed to sales via the use of social media.

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