What does a financial planner do and when do I need one?

    In the UK, the financial services industry is one of the top sectors contributing around £132 billion to the UK economy and providing 1.1 million jobs. In an industry this large, it is easy to get confused about where is going to be the best place for you to go to find the […]

Coronavirus: the latest investment updates

  2 March 2020 The decision by global policy makers to address economic fallout from the coronavirus outbreak has led to a tentative recovery today. Early trading in Frankfurt, Paris, London and Milan has seen national indexes rise by 2% with the MSCI up 0.5%. On Monday, Christine Lagarde the head of the European Central […]

Coronavirus: what does it mean for your investments?

  28 February 2020 There has been significant press coverage of the coronavirus and its effect on markets in recent days and at Seabrook Clark we are monitoring the situation very closely. Although concerns are understandable, our overarching views are informed by our specialist markets knowledge, historical precedent and the care with which our diverse […]